Parking area in Krush Divine Hospital

The parking system ensures the regulation of entries to and exits from the hospital area and the collection of parking fees in the hospital car park. The parking system allows the operator to select out of many tariffs or to allocate the authorization to enter to individual users (clients, employees, suppliers, etc.). Individual entry and exit terminals operate automatic barriers in compliance with the system setting. The number of controlled devices is not limited. Further, the GPT entry terminals dispense parking cards with a bar code printed on for short-term parking purposes (patients, suppliers or other services, etc.). For long-term parking, the system can be additionally equipped with contactless cards that are used by long-term parking drivers (usually the hospital employees). The exit terminals are equipped with bar code readers that are used for the verification of short-term parking cards. Long-term parking drivers use the contactless card reader that the parking system is equipped with. In case of emergency vehicles passages, both the entry and exit barrier can be opened via remote control or from the security guard office. In order to increase the security of traffic, the placing of semaphores on the automatic barriers is recommended.

Towards Basement Parking Area