Operation Theater

Best Operation Theater In Dadri/Noida

Best in class Operation Theatres with state of the art equipments. We regularly keep upgrading our hospital with the latest technology and equipments for successful treatment. In house pharmacy for maintaining services 24×7 Availability of all major, life saving drugs, and surgical items.

The Mobile Critical Care Team


This is a breathing machine. It supplies oxygen to all patients, whether adults, or children.


This is used to shock a diseased heart to bring it back to normalcy.

Suction Machine

To take out secretions (sputum) from the lungs.

Emergency Kit

This is a light-weight aluminium suitcase, containing all emergency drug, equipment and infusions (drips). It is carried by the Mobile Critical Care Team to start emergency treatment on the spot.

Two-way Communication System

The unit is equipped with a wireless system, to provide for communiction between the hospital and the mobile care unit and vice versa.
This is to help provide information regarding the patient to the hospital authorities, so that various specialists could be kept ready for the paitent.
Also expert advice could be sought from various specialists, as the patient is being transported to the hospital.